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Sump Overflow Protection Valve

After 8 years in this business we have learned that basements flood for two reasons:

  1. Power failures
  2. Homeowner is unaware sump pump has quit

Our new product, the sump overflow protection valve will prevent your basement from flooding in both of these situations. No more worrying about coming home to a wet basement!

How does it work?

The sump overflow protection valve is an inflatable valve that stops water from coming into your basement. It inflates if the power goes out or if water rises above the top of your weeping tile – meaning your sump pump isn’t working. Once the power is back on, or your sump pump is working, the valve will deflate and allow water to pass through to your sump pit again. When the valve inflates an alarm is triggered, alerting you there is a problem in your basement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When the valve stops the water, where does it go?

A: The water will back up into the weeping tile around your house. There is enough space there for a significant amount of water.

Q: When the valve deflates will my sump pump be able to keep up with the volume of water rushing in?

A: Yes. The sump pump we recommend can more than handle the amount of water your weeping tiles will hold.

Q: Is there a chance water will make its way into my basement another way; especially if the power is out for an extended period of time?

A: Yes, there is always a chance water will come in through a crack in your foundation. Ask us about solutions to this problem.

Q: Can the sump overflow protection valve be installed in existing homes?

A: Yes. As long as your weeping tile comes into the basement we can install a sump overflow protection valve.

Q: I have battery backup on my sump pump, should I still consider a sump overflow protection valve?

A: A sump overflow protection valve would be considered extra insurance in case your battery backup fails.

Contact us today for more details and pricing to install a sump overflow protection valve in your home.